Fees and Compensation

The ROSA Journal is an open-access publication. Currently, submitting a manuscript for publication is free of charge.

For authors, The ROSA Journal plans to charge a submission fee, which will be paid in a “rosa coin”, a future digital currency for scientific publishing. However, for the time being, submitting a manuscript is free of charge. We also plan to give authors the opportunity to earn “rosa coin” once their articles become widely read, shared, or cited. First-time authors will also be able to apply for a submission fee exemption if they do not receive any institutional funding for publishing.

For reviewers and editors, The ROSA Journal plans to provide compensation in “rosa coin” for their work. We aim to launch this payment scheme first, before charging a submission fee.

For readers, who want access to raw data, code, or other ‘premium’ information, the journal may charge a fee in “science coin”. This is an idea that is still being developed.