Tutorial: Submit Article

The following article gives a step-by-step guide for submitting an article to The Rosa Journal. Please note that the system is still a bit spartan; it is still being developed. If you face any problems, please contact us.

Register & Login

Registration and logging in with a cryptowallet is the same process. (Learn more about cryptowallets here).

Under the Submission Information menu, select Register & Login.

Click on Login Via MetaMask

…enter your cryptowallet password when prompted and click unlock….

…and then Sign to access to Science Asset / The Rosa Journal.

If all goes well, you will receive the following prompt. Click OK.

Submit Article (Post)

In the Dashboard, in the left-hand menu click on Posts and then Add New.

The New Post automatically loads with the standard template, which you can immediately start to edit (left-hand Markdown pane only, see also our Markdown Example).

First Add title of your article.

Replace First Author with the name of the first author, and add additional authors as needed. Add e-mail addresses for the Corresponding Author(s). We will use those e-mail addresses to update you about the progress of the article.

You can Save Draft of your article any time.

When the article is ready, Submit for Review.

If you need to add pictures, please copy and paste them (Ctrl/Cmd+V) into the left-hand Markdown pane.

Please also indicate the kind of article you are submitting under Categories. You can also add Tags (keywords).

And finally, as noted earlier, Submit for Review!